Handcrafted Quality

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In a world filled with technology and electronic gadgets it is still possible to enjoy the bounty of nature. Pottery with its abundant textures, colors, and rustic characters can give a home or restaurant a classic or modern twist. When you eat or drink from a hand-made pottery plate or mug you know that it is a one-of-a- kind piece.  It calls your attention away from the mass-produced to the organic qualities of clay. Rustic or sophisticated, pottery can fit into any life style.

Cultivate a balance with nature by celebrating the seasons in your home, work space, or outdoors setting. Layering color on pottery and aligning it with other natural materials can create a beautiful living equalizer. Adding a plant, flowers, or candles to a lantern or vase is the foundation for a relaxing setting.

Beautiful pots filled with seasonal treats to give as a gift or simple use them to add festive texture to your home. Crafted by hand, pottery offers the most versatile and customizable options to suit any taste.  Gentle curves and generous proportions accenting the sea, sailor art, and seashells have a familiar appeal.  Enjoy the bounty of nature.

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Christine Sirko