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Diane Suter

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Artist Statement
Diane Suter is a local painter and potter whose organic-feeling creations build upon her strong connection with nature and observation of science. In her artistic pursuits, she often uses contemporary ideas combined with nature-centric themes, collecting inspiration and materials for her work from the land and sea around her. Until recently, the majority of her art revolved around painting, but within the last 15 years she has discovered her love of clay; especially sculpture and hand-building. 

Diane was self-taught in painting, which she began at a very early age. She began her formal study of art during her high school years, where she attended Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, PA, which has a highly renowned art program. She then continued her art education at Lehigh University.

Diane exhibited her paintings at the NJ State Fair in Augusta, NJ for many years, where she was the recipient of many ribbons and awards. As the years passed, she was approached by more and more friends, co-workers and acquaintances for hire for custom paintings and pottery. Thus, began her venture into the professional art world in 2010 as ‘Diane’s Dreamworks’. Since then, she has exhibited both paintings and pottery at The Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council Gallery in Newton, NJ, The Maurice Pine Gallery in Fairlawn, NJ, The Clifton Art Center & Gallery in Clifton, NJ, and was a sitting artist at the Skylands Gallery in Wantage, NJ in 2015. In addition, Diane has participated as a vendor in many venues and fairs for both painting and pottery. Today, Diane’s works can be found in numerous private collections. She is currently a member of the NJ Potter’s Guild and the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council.

Diane lives nestled in the hills of Vernon, NJ, in the Skylands of Sussex County, with her husband Dan and their beloved pets. When asked about her art, you can often hear her reply “It keeps me sane in an insane world!” She jokes that she could use about 5 extra hours in every day and feels that her biggest regret upon her demise will be the fact that there is so much art in her brain that has been left unmade merely because there just wasn’t enough time.

Some of Diane’s paintings can be viewed at http://www.skylandsgallery.com/diane-suter.html and http://www.skylandsgallery.com/diane-suter-archive.html

Diane can be reached at diane.suter@gmail.com