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Heather Tourville

Heather is the owner and operator of  “The Cracked Pot Studio” in Lake Hiawatha, NJ where she teaches students of all ages how to work with clay.

Heather’s interest in pottery started in her freshman year of high school.  She fell in love with clay as a medium and went on to be a teacher’s assistant during her junior and senior years.

Heather received her BA in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota in 2010.  Her college years included many ceramic courses where she learned how to mix glazes and run a kiln.

In 2012 she moved to New Jersey and became an assistant teacher at “The Center for Clay Art” where she taught the pottery wheel, hand building and the techniques of glazing.

In 2013 she opened The Cracked Pot Studio.

Visit the website at www.the-cracked-pot-studio.com

Heather’s artistic talent, creativity and love of pottery show in her work. 

Visit her personal website at www.heatherspots.com

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