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Ofrat Gilady-Sten

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My journey in art began 25 years ago with textiles and fashion design and evolved to include art studies and teaching. Years later, while finishing my formal studies, ceramics became my primary art medium. The Visual Arts Center in Summit had been my studio and my mentor, as I was a student and an active member of the ‘Kiln crew’ for five years. During these years I participated in pottery classes and workshops in glass fussing, wax carving jewelry and more. These workshops introduced me to Precious Metal Clay (PMC), and I learned how use this material to create silver jewelry. I spend my time in my studio, working with clay as well as designing jewelry. To learn more about me and my artworks, please visit my website www.ogsart.com

My ceramics and silver jewelry have been exhibited in juried shows, street fairs, open studios and other events.

Message from the artist:
Creating art is an important part of my daily life- I spend every day molding and shaping clay. I also spend my time designing silver jewelry. I go to art shows and exhibits for inspiration, I read articles about art, and many of my friends are artists who relate to my passion.

I truly believe that exploration and creativity in art is endless.

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