I think of my studio practice as intuitive and improvisational.  I work with two wheels, throw a base, dry it out a bit, then throw additional sections and add them to the base.  I have a general idea of where I want to go and let the form emerge from the wheel head responding to the previous section as I add the next.  While working, I think about the profile, volume, center of gravity and mass, the surface texture and the color.  Most important is the visual tension created by the curves and the release of the tension as the profile resolves at the rim.  I am inspired by live musical performances and believe that inspired music and sculpture share many of the same elements.  Rhythm, flow, pattern, gesture, complexity, layers, resolution, and shape come to mind.  I aspire to incorporate those elements into my work.

Steve Sitrin
Martinsville, NJ 08836
Phone:  732-841-6906
Email:  ssitrin@verizon.net

Website:  www.stevesitrinceramics.com

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Steve Sitrin