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Vicki Pollack

I am passionate about clay - finding the formative process irresistible. To be able to take a ball of clay and create a thing of beauty (and function!) is the most sublime of life's experiences and connects me to those who, throughout the history, have used clay to improve and enhance their lives.

As a hand-builder, I utilize slab, pinch, and coil construction, juxtaposing geometric and organic forms.  Most of my work is sculptural, contrasting textured and smooth, raw clay and glazed surfaces.

Artistic expression in a wide variety of techniques and media has defined me as a professional and an individual. As a former puppeteer, graphic artist, photographer, and art teacher, I am passionate about the importance of bringing aesthetic beauty into a person’s daily environment and routine and readily share my passion and knowledge with all who spend time talking and/or learning with me.

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